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Anna Lewis

Anna Lewis

San Diego, CA


About Anna Lewis the fine watercolor artist:

Please refer to: redbubbledotcom slash people slash restofmine1951,
I have over 1,000 pictures. and over 145,000 views in red bubble,( redbubble dot com slash people slash restofmine1951) so you may purchure from either site!

I am self taught, only been painting since September 2010. I started a art class at Braille Institute in La Jolla, and I was scared to death, ,since I had only painted as achild in ceramics, and stayed away from any other kind of art till last year.
I am legally blind, so have barely any color and or depth preception.
I love painting in watercolor and I hope my works is appreciated, I just want you to watch my progress, cause I will paint till I can no longer see. I have the 4 conditions to become totally blind.

Born in Washington 1951, I only painted as a child in ceramics with family members. Never water colored or any other painting til after I became legally blind in 2005. After learning to cope with my disability and going on to Braille Institute in La Jolla, California, I started taking a art class in September 2010.
With every brush stroke I am enjoying it more, and plan to continue for as long as I can.
I must admit there are challenges, since I have lost color perception and depth perception, I find myself asking what colors I am using and hope I can replace the brush on the spot I left when I ran out of paint, lol
Its all about learning and practicing my technique, so I look forward to this new venture in this stage of my life.

Again thanks for looking at my work and hope you will return and keep up with my progress!
Anna Lewis

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By Monet impressionist artist by Anna Lewis


Lounging on the grass by Monet by Anna Lewis


Wild waterfalls by Anna Lewis


Lets snuggle lion love by Anna Lewis


Warm crashing waves by Anna Lewis


Crashing waves stormy seas dark by Anna Lewis


Nude with towel by Anna Lewis


Milk maid by Vermeer by Anna Lewis


Holding balance by Vermeer by Anna Lewis


Birds in from storm at sea by Anna Lewis


Enjoying the moment by Anna Lewis


The Tiger by Anna Lewis


Moonlit sail by Anna Lewis


From Greece with love by Anna Lewis


The stairwell by Anna Lewis


Scarecrow not doing his job by Anna Lewis


Strutting his stuff by Anna Lewis


The lantern by Anna Lewis


Portrait of girl by Anna Lewis


The Cherbs by Anna Lewis


The many arches by Anna Lewis


My version of the girl with the pearl earring by Anna Lewis


Miss Piggy haveing a beautful day by Anna Lewis


The Dutch by Anna Lewis


Bear in forest at creek by Anna Lewis